At our Holy Thursday evening Mass, Fr Francis invited parishioners from all ages and gender to have their feet washed.  The Blessed Sacrament was placed in our Adoration chapel where people 'kept watch' to 11pm.
After the 11am morning Stations of the Cross on Good Friday we held a 3pm Service and transferred the Blessed Sacrament to our 'Tomb'.
Our Easter Vigil Mass celebration began with the lighting of the Easter Candle from a fire lit outside the church where all the ministers and RCIA Elect gathered.
Then followed with the procession into the darken Church by Fr Francis with the lighted Easter Candle and as we held our own lighted candles which had filled the darken Church with ‘The Light of Christ’, the Exsultet was sung by Thierry Venaille. During this celebration we witnessed the Baptism of Linley Tadman and welcomed into our faith community Hannah Turner.  They were also Confirmed and received their First Holy Communion. After our Mass celebration there was a gathering in the Parish Centre and a light supper was served to welcome our new members of the Faith.
Many thanks to the fantastic team of people in our Parish who helped to prepare for our Holy Week celebrations!


Our Parish’s Palm Sunday re-enactment of the Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem, began outside the school grounds. Children had an opportunity to have a short ride before Mass on the 3 ponies.
This year Xavier rode the pony in our procession led by the children waving palms and singing antiphons.
The children then formed an archway in the church for the Priest, Fr. Dariusz, Acolyte and servers to walk through.
This year some lovely ladies made 800 crosses out of palm leaves for our parishioner.

Parish Mission Statement


We, at St Simon Peter Parish, are a Catholic family
called through Baptism
to know, love and serve God and neighbour.


We strive to witness the Kingdom of God
through proclaiming the Good News of Jesus,
celebrating the Sacraments, and serving the wider community,
especially the disconnected from our Parish.